• Yellow Belt Self Defense Requirements

    SELF DEFENCE TECHNIQUES - YELLOW BELTS                            on mats


     UKE:  Grip both wrists held downward, right foot forward.

    DEF: ("OMOTE") Push left shoulder forward onto Uke's shoulder and curl left arm inward across front, grip inside of Uke's right hand, extend arms and twist wrist inward with right hand, keep left elbow under Uke's right arm, press left wrist against Uke's fingers to keep the hand open, tenkai on both feet 180° to right as duck under arms brushing own hair with Uke's arm and keeping hands in front of face and below level of Uke's shoulder (try to pull Uke's arm out of his body), aim Uke's elbow at his ear and cut hand down toward own centre as body lowers to the mat on knees.

    ("URA") step left foot behind Uke's right foot as push left shoulder against Uke's shoulder, grip handle of the hand and twist inward as right foot tenkan and lower entire body (brush own hair with Uke's right forearm at elbow), cut down toward floor as lower left knee, end in full pin. Ura version is preferable if Uke pulls arm inward toward himself just as the defence is initiated.

    NOTE: both versions can be performed as a throw, by extending the arms with the turn and then projecting Uke's body with own forward momentum to spin Uke in the air around his wrist.

    SHIHO CONTROL PIN - Press right wrist to floor and pull toward own centre away from Uke's body (as if cutting with pressure point on back of Uke's little finger), press inside of Uke's bent elbow with left palm toward right hand to prevent Uke turning over (place own left palm on floor under Uke's head if Uke is very large and strong). Can back entire body away from Uke's head to assist leverage and avoid Uke's possible attempt to strike at head with free hand.

    Note: this pin works from almost every body position on Uke's right side, as long as Defs knees are pointing toward  Uke's head.


    UKE: Grip right hand with right hand (as if handshake).

    DEF: Extend right arm forward left and grip back of hand with left hand as left foot steps out diagonally to left walking stance, step right foot forward past Uke's right side and then pivot left 180° on both feet under arms, grip Uke fingers, step right foot around left to face Uke's front, twist hand as withdraw left foot and 'cut' to floor. Rotate and place wrist over Uke's back.


    UKE:   Grip both shoulders from behind.

    DEF: Grip back of left hand with right hand and press onto shoulder to trap the hand, shrug left shoulder upward and inward as spin right and duck down below level of Uke's shoulders under Uke's arm as withdraw right foot in tenkan movement to face Uke's front. If hand releases the uniform assist with left hand grip on fingers as continue to spin entire body in continuous descending spiral. Take down and place hand as in No. 2 above or do pin with inside of elbow.


    UKE:  Right high punch to head with right walking stance.

    DEF: Left forward walking stance with left knife hand extension block to inside of elbow and right palm heel extension to base of nose moving forward (take care not to strike base of nose forcefully). Step right foot through as if to keep walking to unbalance Uke backwards toward floor

    1. b) ENTERING THROW - "SHOMEN-UCHI IRIMI NAGE" {'Twenty Year' Technique)

      UKE: Right overhand strike downward to head with right walking stance.

    DEF: Left foot forward with right sword arm circular extension to outside of Uke's arm as left hand reach to left side of Uke's head, right foot half tenkan backwards with right knife hand on forearm as pull head backwards and press to own right shoulder, extend right arm palm upward directly away from shoulder turning Uke's chin to his left, pivot left to walking stance as rotate right arm inward and forward extension (if Uke tries to turn right press left elbow inward on back of Uke's right shoulder), [PICTURE] rotating Uke's head upward over and down far to his rear as large right step forward behind Uke to walking stance to unbalance, let go of head as last part of throw.

    Note: the right foot forward stance at the end positions Defender's body with his back toward Uke's legs which may be coming upward during his fall, rather than exposing Defender's front. [PICTURE]

    Note: to avoid breaking Uke's neck, the right arm extension and throw should be far beyond Uke's back, pointing the right hand to where Uke is intended to land. Pointing the right hand down Uke's back is extremely dangerous, as it can dislocate the skull from the top of the spine.

    There are dozens of variations of the basic lrimi Nage technique. With practice the student should learn to make more effective movements to unbalance Uke requiring less application of centrifugal force.