• Red-Stripe Step Sparring Requirements


    Yellow Techniques are optional 

    1. Attacker: Right fake turning kick toward belt, without lowering the right foot, continue in air left jump turning kick to belt.

    Defender: Left forearm block (arm downward) to the right kick, immediately slide left foot forward to left walking stance with right punch to chest. 

    2. Attacker:  Left jump side kick to chest (flying far).

    Defender: Backward lateral shift (end facing 45 ° toward Attacker in short walking stance) immediately right switch front kick to chest (switching feet in air). 

    3. (Defender switches stance);

    Attacker: right turning kick to Defender’s Chest. (Defender allows back kick to score for Part One)

    Defender: (From right sparring stance) throws rights jab, following up with a left jab and immediately throws a left Axe kick to head (over and past opponent's head for practice). 

    4. Attacker: Left hop axe kick to head (right foot hops forward replacing position vacated by left foot as left foot kicks). (For Part One Defender can lean back to permit Attacker to strike with sole of foot high onto chest protector).

    Defender: Straight back shift, maintaining left sparring stance, immediately right reverse turning kick to head (spin 360° all the way around). 

    5. Attacker: Right middle punch with right walking stance.

    Defender: lift left leg and do a switch hop to the right delivering a right turning kick to Defenders chest. 

    6. Attacker: Throws right middle punch in Left walking stance.

    Defender: Blocks right attackers right punch with a left outer block following up with a right crecent kick inward towards attackers head.