• Red-Stripe Self Defense Requirements


    1. "KUBI HINAERI" - NECK TWIST release from BEAR HUG attack.

    UKE: Encircle waist from in front and grip own wrist with other hand. If appropriate and both partners agree, Uke can lift Defender slightly off the floor.

    DEF: Slap ears with palms, grip face with right hand (thumb down, elbow up) and grip back of head with left hand (thumb up) [PICTURE], right forearm extension toward left across Uke's face as push chin with right palm heel and press back of head inward with left hand, to twist head 45° upward and away (clockwise).

    Note: If in a life threatening situation, can continue the right arm extension to push head backwards and down over Uke's back of neck; but is very dangerous as this continuation of the extension can dislocate base of skull from top of spine.

    Can also change direction if Uke resists the clockwise extension by rotating the right palm on Uke's chin to press to the right as pull back of head to left with left hand.


    UKE: Standing, grip left wrist with right hand, right foot forward.

    DEF: From kneeling position, step left foot forward ('shikko') to Uke's right side as grip inside of Uke's right wrist with right hand [PICTURE], extend left arm across front of own face, pressing onto Uke's fingers with left wrist, pivot right on left foot and right leg ('tenkan') as bring arms around clockwise, keeping Uke's arm twisted outward, brushing own hair with underside of Uke's arm and keeping hands in sight in front of face, continue extension to bring Uke down backwards onto mat.

    Can finish by immobilization with 'Shiho' pin (including left arm bar pin on inside of Uke's bent elbow).

    Note 1: This 'Ura' variation is effective even if Uke bends elbow and pulls arm into side as soon as technique is initiated.


    Note 2: If initial defensive movement is to 'shikko' step across Uke's front with left foot, can do 'tenkai' variation - extend left elbow under Uke's right elbow for leverage, keeping Uke's arm straight and pulled out from body, pivot right on both feet (knees) as brush hair with underside of Uke's arm and then direct hands down toward floor behind Uke' right side.

    1. REVERSE CHOKE RELEASE - "KUBl-SHIMAE" Reverse Sankyo.

    UKE:  Defender bends forward and Uke puts right forearm across throat from above in front of own abdomen and grips right wrist with left hand.

    DEF: Grip Uke's right wrist from below with right hand (thumb outward), press back of Uke's right hand toward his elbow with right palm heel to break grip, supporting right hand with left hand, rotate hand as spin left with reverse Sankyo grip toward floor. [PICTURE of grip]

    Note: If Uke's grip is very strong, free hands can strike crotch or punch groin to initiate counter. Can also press the back of one of Uke's little fingers to close finger against itself and pry upward to release.

    1. "COBRA" ARC HAND Technique.

    UKE: Right high roundhouse punch with right walking stance.

    DEF: Left walking stance with left knife hand block to inside of elbow and right arc hand strike to throat at same time, grip Uke's uniform at shoulder near neck with right hand and pull down at same time as right knee smash to groin, then left elbow smash to head. Can then continue Uke's momentum to floor with both hands extension downward to right, or pivot left to reverse direction and right 'lrimi Nage' with inside of right arm as step right foot through to throw Uke backwards to floor./span


    UKE:  Grab left sleeve at forearm with right hand.

    DEF: Rotate left hand inward, upward and over onto Uke's wrist and grip as right knife hand inward strike to Uke's neck, continue with large left backward step with left arm extension out to left and down perpendicular to Uke's stance simultaneous with right sword arm cut to inside of Uke's elbow as lever Uke's entire body to floor. [PICTURE of movement direction toward floor] Can assist by lowering entire body onto left knee. Let go of Uke's sleeve or forearm to allow front roll.

    1. "YOKUMEN-UCHI KOKYU NAGE" (advanced URA variation)

    UKE:  Right knife hand inward strike as right foot steps forward.

    DEF: Left sword arm cut to inside of forearm and right knife hand strike to neck at same time as right foot steps in, grip sleeve with left hand and continue right sword arm extension on inside of Uke's right elbow toward floor as left foot tenkan turn.

    Note: no need to grip sleeve if sword arm swings with body rotation is very fast.