• Red Belt Step Sparring Requirements


    Yellow Techniques are optional 

    1. Attacker: Left fake hop turning kick toward belt (hop in on right foot with left instep kick), in air right jump turning kick to belt. (Can also practice left turning kick to head for initial movement to learn to score a fast instep kick).

    Defender: Left back step to right sparring stance (as in Part One), left reverse hooking kick 180° to head (do not spin all the way around). For Part One Defender

    does left back step to allow the jump turning kick to score. 

    2. Attacker: switches feet and delivers left pushing kick to Defenders upper chest area.

    Defender: left witch stance, followed with a left reverse hooking kick and them immediately throws a left back kick. 

    3. Attacker: Right fake turning kick toward belt, without lowering the right foot, continue in air left jump turning kick to belt.

    Defender: Left forearm block (arm downward) to the right kick, immediately slide left foot forward to left walking stance with right punch to chest following with a right Axe Kick. 

    4. Attacker: Spin clockwise on left foot (backwards with right foot) in air left jump tornado turning kick to chest.

    Defender: Backward lateral shift to left sparring stance facing 45° toward Attacker, then right reverse crescent kick striking outward with side of foot vertical high onto chest protector for test, head for tournament point. 

    5. Attacker: Switches stance and immediately delivers left turning kick.

    Defender: as Attacker switches stance, delivers an immediate left side kick to chest followed immediately with a right jump back double kick. (right then left back kick without lowering feet) 

    6. Attacker: Right punch and immediately right twist kick to belt (hide right knee coming up under punching arm and then kick instep outward onto chest protector).

    Defender: Straight back shift in left sparring stance with guarding block, right reverse axe kick to head (lift right leg at start of spin to go far over the twist kick).