• Red Belt Self Defense Requirements




       UKE: From behind reach under armpits and press back of head forward with both hands.

       DEF:  Twist left as press right elbow inward and down and extend left arm up, withdraw left

                  foot across Uke's front as left arm onto Uke's neck and rotate hips left maintaining

       right arm press downward. (Note Defender can fall onto Uke if does not release grip),        strike flank with right fist or attack head.


    1. (b) (If Uke's hands have already reached back of neck) Lean head back and reach both arms     straight up overhead (hands together with arms beside face) and drop body to floor as Uke attempts hold kick backwards to groin with hands on floor. Note technique is difficult for Defender that is wider than Uke.



    UKE: With both partners facing each other kneeling, grip lapel with right hand and left knife hand strike to head.

    DEF: Right palm heel strike to face as slip left knee back, right swordarm inward cut to forearm, press back of wrist against own chest with right hand, lean upper body far back and rotate right hand to right on chest as right knee slips back, rotate arm as press underside of Uke's right elbow upward and forward with left hand as 'shikko' forward, do 'Nikyo' pin on floor when Uke releases grip.



    UKE:  Partners face each other kneeling, right overhand strike as right 'shikko' forward.

    DEF: Right sword arm block to outside of arm, left grip elbow from below as right knee slips forward to right across Uke's front, rotate Uke's elbow through his ear and grip wrist with right hand (as if 'rowing' Uke backwards) as left knee 'shikko' forward across Uke's front, following with right knee to full arm pin on floor ('Ude Osae').


    1. "ROOTED TO THE EARTH" Defence to attempted two man lift.

    UKE:  Two Uke each grip one arm with both hands and attempt to lift Defender off floor.

     DEF:   Hang limp and "heavy" as soon as lift is attempted, as if entire body is like a bag of water;  concentrate on body weight flowing downward into the earth through floor.



    UKE:  Two hand grips on each wrist by two offenders at sides.

    DEF: Face one Uke with pivot of hips to right, curl right hand inward in front of body extend upward, pivot to left under right side Uke’s arms and withdraw left foot far backward, bring arms over arms of other Uke, continue with ‘Kokyu Nage’ or “JUJI GARAMI NAGE” projection of both Uke. (Note this technique can also be practiced with a third Uke choking with right forearm from behind).



    UKE:  Two hand grips on each wrist by two offenders at sides.

    DEF:  Backward throw - move hips straight back as withdraw one foot far back pulling with both arms straight, sink butt toward floor as point both arms down toward floor (can drop onto knee of backward stepping leg), curl wrists in circular motion to rotate front rolls of both Uke.


    1.      REVERSE CHOKE RELEASE - "KUBl-SHIMAE" Reverse Sankyo.

    UKE:  Defender bends forward and Uke puts right forearm across throat from above in front of own abdomen and grips right wrist with left hand.

    DEF: Grip Uke's right wrist from below with right hand (thumb outward), press back of Uke's right hand toward his elbow with right palm heel to break grip, supporting right hand with left hand, rotate hand as spin left with reverse Sankyo grip toward floor.


    Note: If Uke's grip is very strong, free hands can strike crotch or punch groin to initiate counter. Can also press the back of one of Uke's little fingers to close finger against itself and pry upward to release.