Children come in all shapes and sizes, they have their unique characteristics that make them the wonderful little people they are.
    Some are extremely focused, some are very active, and others have great balance and natural ability while others are still growing into their skins adapting to their growth spurts.
    Every one of them has the potential to learn the art of Self Defense no matter where they are at their current level of development and become an amazing Martial Artist.
    We take pride at Ryoku in guiding all the children along this path of development and discovery in a fun but structured environment.
    Over the past 10 years we have assisted the development of children in many areas beyond just learning a Martial Art or just learning to defend themselves.
    • Children who started off as shy transformed to becoming outgoing and social.
    • Children who had been extremely active (yes really active) becoming focused and driven.
    • Children who for one reason or another take longer to adapt and learn, who through patience    and practice steady progress in the Art and skill development.
    The side benefit for all children is the development of confidence, leadership, respect, focus & discipline, not only within our Dojo but in all aspects’ of their home and school life.

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