• Green-Stripe Step Sparring Requirements


    Each technique is separated into two parts, the first to demonstrate the attack, and the second to demonstrate the counter-attack.

    Attacker moves right foot back to sparring stance and yells ready to attack. Defender remains in parallel ready stance and yells when ready to defend. Defender can move right foot back to left sparring stance to permit Offender to score for Part One of no's 2, 3, 4 and 5 (**). If no chest protectors, partners can turn belt backward to provide target area for kicks.

    Yellow techniques are optional.

    1. Attacker: Slide left foot forward to walking stance with long right punch to chest, and immediately right roundhouse turning kick to head, hiding the knee coming up under the punching arm.

    Defender:  Left back step to right sparring stance with right inner forearm side block to the punch; then right forearm inward block to the turning kick and continue with left spin back kick to belt. (The inward block to the roundhouse turning kick initiates the body rotation to help drive the back kick). 

    2. Attacker: Long right punch to chest, and immediately raise right knee to in front of left shoulder as pivot left on left foot and long right side kick to chest. **

    Defender:  Right lateral shift with left guarding block, (move out to right as far as possible to end in left sparring stance facing 45 ° toward Attacker); immediately right reverse turning kick to head (spin 360° all the way around). 

    3. Attacker:  Pivot left on left foot and high right roundhouse turning kick over shoulder to head.**

    Defender:  Right lateral step straight out to right with left high guarding block toward the turning kick; immediately left hooking kick to head (almost backwards).

    4. Attacker:  Switch stance, yell, then left roundhouse turning kick to chest, lower left foot and continue body rotation with right back kick to belt. **

    Defender:  Move right foot back to left sparring stance with right forearm block to the turning kick, then slide left foot diagonally left forward behind Offender's back (As Offender does back kick) and right punch to flank.