• Green-Stripe Self Defense Requirements



    UKE:  Grab collar with right hand as right foot forward.

    DEF: Right palm heel strike (or punch) to face as move left foot far back to right sparring stance, attempt to bend Uke's elbow with right sword inward cut as right hand moves inward toward Uke's grip, press inward onto chest at back of wrist with right knife hand, lean upper body away backward and breath in deeply as left sword arm extends far upward, rotate right hand to right against chest (right elbow down) when upper chest becomes horizontal to floor as right foot steps back and breathe out; after Uke's hand has been turned over to little finger upward support right hand with left hand as place left arm over Uke's elbow and then turn toward Uke's centre to left walking stance, keeping hand turned over with pressure downward on fulcrum of side of Uke's wrist.

    If Uke releases grip, immediately rotate arm to right and press upward with left hand onto underside of Uke's elbow as step forward to keep Uke off balance toward floor, press back of hand toward elbow and rotate outward with right hand to Nikyo pin.


    UKE:  Left forearm choke with right wrist grab from behind.

    DEF: Face right hand with chin downward as curl back slightly into Uke's centre and grip left wrist with left hand and pull down (or any digit and pull outward and down), pivot left as reach right arm to left across body turning palm away with 'Ude Mawashi' movement), withdraw left foot (butt backwards) as grip back of Uke's right hand with left hand, pivot left to face Uke's front as release left hand grip from Uke's left forearm (or fingers) and grip Uke's fingers from front, keep own elbows down, 'cut' Uke's elbow through his right ear as withdraw right foot as aim hand grip in descending spiral toward retreating right foot to take down to floor.

    For FULL CONTROL - lower to floor with left knee against Uke's armpit and right knee against side of Uke's head, pull Uke's arm out to left, grip hand from above with right hand (like handshake) rotate inward and raise right hand toward above Uke's head palm up as release left grip, place Uke's hand on inside crook of own left elbow as stroke right cheek with left palm and rotate right toward Uke's head; can maintain right hand grip. Place back of hand on middle of back to release and step away.


    UKE:  Right overhand strike with right walking stance.

    DEF: Ski left foot forward with right sword arm circular block and left hand grip elbow from below, grip underside of wrist with right hand and 'cut' around as right foot tenkan aiming right hand at retreating right foot with both hands , press wrist to right side of hips, pivot hips to right as press down on elbow with left hand, keeping arm below knot in belt , left diagonal step forward pushing body into Uke keeping arm close, right diagonal step forward pulling arm out away from Uke's body, lower left knee to floor at Uke's armpit, maintaining pressure, take right wrist to floor on right knee (in circular motion toward Uke's head) as pivot left on left knee as right knee lowers. Keep arm at least 90° out from body on floor, push left knee against armpit as pull arm out to right with right hand (push right knee outward against own thumb), toes up, back straight, head up, press Uke's underside of arm Oust above elbow joint) into floor with extension of energy through edge of left hand maintaining grip.

    [Can maintain right knee or place right foot under Uke's wrist to create leverage point at elbow.  Be careful not to break elbow as leverage is then lost]

    1. b) SHOMEN-UCHI IKKYO - OMOTE” (optional variation for same size people).

    UKE:   Right overhand strike with right walking stance.

    DEF: Right foot steps forward in front of Uke with right open hand high block and grip wrist as left hand upward palm block to elbow and extension through face, (left knee strike to groin as Atemi if necessary), rotate Uke's arm through and past his face in a large arc (as if rowing Uke backwards) as left foot steps forward across Uke's front, continue forward movement to unbalance and take down to floor as in Ura version, ending in same arm bar pin.

    Note: This technique is applicable if Defs initial movement is to step the right foot forward to Uke's front, preventing an effective 'tenkan' movement of the right foot as with the 'Ura' defence. This technique is optional because it is not practical for a Defender that is noticeably smaller than the Offender.