• Green Belt Step Sparring Requirements


    If possible, from Green Belt onward partners should wear full sparring equipment to practice these techniques; including chest protectors, forearm guards, shin guards.

    If not wearing chest protectors the knot in the belt should be turned to the back to make the flat part of the belt the primary target area.

    Attacker moves right foot back to sparring stance and yells ready to attack. Defender moves right foot back to sparring stance and yells when ready to defend. Defender shifts straight back to permit Attacker to score the attack for Part One, does counter for Part Two.

    Yellow Techniques are optional. 

    1 Attacker:  Right spin back fist strike to head as pivot clockwise on the left foot all the way around and right foot steps around backward at least 270 ° to right natural stance (fist going by the face).

    Defender: Left switch shift (lean back as the back fist goes by), then immediately left switch front kick (or left switch hop turning kick ('Bi-Chaghi') if Attacker spins too far) to belt. 

    2.  Attacker: Pivot left on left foot and then right high roundhouse thrusting kick ('Put' kick - strike with ball of extended foot held sideways) over shoulder to head.

    Defender:  Right switch hop turning kick to belt (kick inward with instep of right foot as pivot out laterally to right on left foot and hips rotate left). 

    3. Attacker: Left side kick to belt as pivot in on right foot, immediately left instep kick to head (perform as double kick).

    Defender: Switch stance as Attacker attempts left side kick, left switch hop turning kick to belt (lean upper body slightly away from instep kick). 

    4.  Attacker: Left forward shift on both feet with left jab to head, maintaining left sparring stance and guarding left flank with right hand (can touch Defender's forehead for Part One).

    Defender: Left forearm high block to the jab, immediately right punch to flank, right hooking kick to head (in continuous motion with right knee coming forward hidden under the right punching arm and kick with heel to back of head).

    5. Attacker: Right foot tornado turning step backwards around 190° (pivot clockwise on left foot as step right foot across imaginary line between partners' forward feet), continue body rotation with left roundhouse turning kick to chest.

    Defender: Left foot left lateral step out to beside right foot with Attacker's body rotation, right side kick to chest as Attacker tries to complete the turning kick.