• Green Belt Self Defense Requirements

    SELF DEFENCE TECHNIQUES - GREEN BELTS                                                                                         


     UKE: Grip both wrists held downward as right foot forward.

    DEF: Left diagonal forward step to left as press left palm down behind Uke's 'blind spot' on floor, right hand rotates palm inward and up close to own chest, extend right hand up beside Uke's left cheek as left hand extends down toward Uke's blind spot on floor, right foot step far past and behind Uke's right side with right reverse sword arm extension forward to right walking stance (slightly rotating Uke counter­ clockwise), point both arms palms down and away toward floor where Uke is to land at end of throw.

    Note: can lean entire body weight back with arms straight to pull Uke forward if there is resistance to initiation of the technique.

    1. ARM BAR CONTROL - "HIJI SHIMAE" - direct 'elbow lock'     

    UKE: Grip both wrists held upward with right foot forward.

    DEF: Left elbow over Uke's right arm as step left foot into Uke's right blind spot, extend arm far out to right as rotate wrist to palm inward and right foot half tenkan, right grip back of Uke's right wrist, press left elbow down and inward with back of left upper arm (above elbow closer to Uke's shoulder) as push wrist toward overtop of Uke's head with right hand, push arm straight into shoulder to floor as lower body weight. (Withdraw left foot slightly if Uke resists, but take care not to break the elbow if the movement is too swift).

    Note 1: The pin requires that Uke's arm be kept straight and extended out and to the right with both arms, fulcrum on Uke's upper arm under Defs left upper arm, lever at hand with right hand, using body weight extending downward at end.

    Note 2: Can do 'Nikyo' pin if Uke allows the back of their hand to be gripped by Defs right hand.


    UKE:  Right middle punch with right walking stance.

    DEF: Left knife hand inward block to elbow as body pivots right to allow the punch to slide by the front of the chest, left grip wrist from above and extend arm out and around as right foot tenkan, keeping hands directly in front with left arm extension (aim hand toward retreating right foot directly below knot in belt) [PICTURE], cover back of fingers from below with right hand and twist wrist to left and down toward outside of Uke's elbow as 'cut' inward at wrist with left knife hand edge, left foot tenkan as press back of Uke's hand inward toward centre (keeping hands below own centre) in counter-clockwise descending spiral [PICTURE], pressing back of hand at base of little finger into Uke's centre as step around Uke's head, keeping elbow bent (aiming fingers toward Uke's own arm pit), flipping Uke onto face down, end in full control pin.

    FULL CONTROL PIN for 'KoteGaeshi' Take Down:

    Bring left knee against Uke's right armpit, then right knee toward head; press underside of Uke's hand to rotate hand over and then grip fingers (on inside from above) with right hand, release left grip and place Uke's hand into crook of left elbow joint palm up, close left am (stroke right cheek with own left palm as press left elbow against own body) to grip Uke's hand with inside of left elbow joint, curl toes forward to place body weight flowing down Uke's arm and rotate arm clockwise over Uke's back toward head, maintaining pressure with left elbow and grip on fingers with right hand. Place Uke's hand flat on his back with right hand and then back away from the prone Uke at end.

    4. KNEE BREAK - "SHOMEN-UCHI IRIMI ASHI ATEMI" Variation with side kick.

     UKE:  Right overhand knife hand strike (slightly left to right) with right walking stance.

    DEF: Ski to left sparring stance at Uke's right side as left palm inward block and continuously grip Uke's sleeve near elbow and extend to right across front of own belly, right elbow strike to face over arm as pivot left on left foot and then lift right knee to left front and right side kick to Uke's left (rear) knee (press slowly to allow Uke to fall without breaking the knee joint), holding on to Uke's sleeve with left hand to prevent Uke turning toward Defender.

    Re: Variations of 'lrimi Nage':

    Note that there are dozens of possible counter strikes to follow the initial entering movement of the basic 'lrimi' technique. As long as Uke's arm is lowered or just deflected sufficiently to allow a direct line of attack to the face with the right arm, any number of strikes - with the right punch, palm heel, arc hand, ridge hand, forearm, or inner arm are possible.