• Our classes run 2 times per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting the second week of September and runs to the third week in June. This format allows families time to enjoy the summer months as well as giving our younger students to opportunity to enjoy summer time sports and recreation expanding their horizons.

    For our students who wish to continue their training during the summer months, Sensei Kristen holds a "Pattern in the Park" on Thursday nights weather depending. Please see our Ryoku Seikido Group page for more details.

    We offer a dedicated class for our Black Belt assistant Instructors on Mondays to allow for more specific training at their level.

  • Our Children and Family classes allows for busy families to come and experience the Martial Art Journey together.

    We have a new class schedule that is based on age groups while still having parents the ability to train with their children at the same time.

    Our age groups now consist of ages 6-8 and 9-12 starting at 6pm and 7pm respectively.

    Our curriculum is taught to all ages which allows the family an opportunity to progress together. The highlight of this style of training and interaction between all ages fosters one of our primary training goals which is to affect our techniques without using force.

    Our children gain the benefit of working with other children, teens and adults which helps them with their level of confidence and self-esteem.

    Our teens and adults also gain benefit as they learn to affect techniques on all sizes of students from children to adults as well as being role models for the children which fosters their enhanced learning abilities.

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  • Our Teen and Adult class combines everything that is taught in the Children and Family class but at a higher intensity level.

    The same curriculum is taught to all students which allows many to participate in the Children and Family class and then if they are registered, do the Teen and Adult class as well, providing them double the training.

    Many students have used this style of training to expedite their journey to Black Belt. 

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  • We have a very dedicated group of Black Belt Martial Artists within the Ryoku Family.

    Many donate their time to assist Master Wilkins in instructing all our students. As such we have dedicated Monday nights as well as classes on Tuesday and Thursday to their specific development needs.

    Their training consists of the material required for their next Dan level, specific instruction techniques and methodologies and enhanced training in Aikido based techniques and most recently the introduction of Boxing training offered by Mr Kieran O’Halloran.

    All of the training provided is based on their personal journey to further enhance their skills in Martial Arts and providing them more diverse training to not only give them the right tools in self-defence but also to foster their ability to continue the growth of Seikido.

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