• Blue-Stripe Self Defense Requirements




    UKE: Grip right wrist with both hands (right over left) in right sparring stance.

    DEF: Rotate right hand inward and upward in front of chest as pivot right and push right hand palm up over Uke's wrists (turn Uke to his left) as left grip left side of Uke's head near neck, right foot tenkan as pull Uke's head to own right shoulder, pivot left to reverse direction as slide left hand down Uke's back as right foot steps through past Uke's right side to throw.

    1(b).     "MOROTE-TORI IKKYO" variation:

    UKE:  Grip right wrist with both hands (right over left) in right sparring stance.

    DEF: Push right shoulder forward as extend right hand down, curl hand inward and rotate right hand inward and upward, (if applicable, assist technique by pressing inside of Uke's left elbow down with own right elbow), pivot right as continue right hand rotation around clockwise onto Uke's right wrist, extend right arm far to right and press Uke's right elbow upward and forward with left hand as right foot tenkan, turn hips right and continue to floor with full 'lkkyo' pin.

    1. CHOKE FROM BEHIND - "USHIRO KUBl-SHIMAE IRIMI NAGE" (optional) UKE:  Grip neck with both hands from behind, choking with fingers.

    DEF: Raise right shoulder as spin upper body to right, raise right arm straight up over Uke's right arm as continue spin with step left foot around to Uke's right side and grip Uke's head with left hand and pull toward right shoulder, right foot tenkan as bring right arm around hooked over Uke's arm, pivot left to reverse direction with 'lrimi Nage' throw.

    NOTE: if there is no space to make the inward spinning turn, Def can grip and press one of Uke's fingers and pry the hand from the neck.



    UKE:  Grip both sleeves (or elbows) from behind.

    DEF: Right step to side as extend arms forward and inward ('Ude Mawashi'), withdraw left foot backward across Uke's front as body spins left and ducks under Uke's arms, grip back of Uke's left hand with right hand as left foot tenkan with body turn to left, left arm extension and rotate arm upward and clockwise [PICTURE] toward retreating right foot as right tenkan (can also support right hand 'Kotegaeshi' grip with left hand as rotate wrist outward), maintain right hand grip pressure inward on back of Uke's hand toward Uke's own left armpit as spin prone Uke counter­ clockwise to full pin on floor.

    1. “YOKOMEN-UCHI GOKYO” Weapon Defense – Ude Nobashi Pin

    UKE:     Holding knife in right hand overhand strike moving into Right walking stance

    DEF:   Step slightly to the left with left foot while intercepting UKE’s right arm with Right Arc hand (thumb up) grip. At same time DEF Left arm intercepts UKE’s right arm underneath Right Arc hand. Use both Left and Right Arms to deflect UKE’s Right knife hand strike off to right as DEF tankons with right foot moving UKE around to the right.

      Move deflection into an Ude Nobashi arm pin. (similar to IKYO Arm pin but right hand is gripping UKE’s right wrist with and underhand grip while left hand is gripping UKE’s Elbow with an overhand grip.)

                   Step off diagonally to the right apply pressure down to UKE’s elbow while applying upward pressure to UKE’s hand directing him to the ground.

                   Place left knee into UKE’s armpit while moving right knee and UKE’s wrist to a 45 degree angle. Apply either an elbow pressure pin or NIKYO pin to the hand as you remove the knife from UKE’s grip.

                   IMPORTANT: ensure you keep control of the knife and secure it on your person. Don not leave where UKE can grab it.


    UKE:  Grip right wrist with both hands (left over right) in right sparring stance.

    DEF:   If Uke's grip (lower right hand) is very strong on inside of wrist to prevent inward rotation of own right hand... extension of right open hand downward and step left foot forward to behind Uke's right side with left sword arm extension across Uke's throat (or across base of nose if Uke quickly lowers head to press chin onto chest) pivot hips left as flip left arm upward with left elbow under left side of Uke's chin, and right palm heel inward strike to Uke's chest if right hand can rotate inward, turn upper body to left as rotate hips and continue extension to throw Uke backwards to floor.

    Note: If there is no time for a controlled take down, can initiate defence with left punch or elbow strike to side of jaw, then continue with throw and forceful right palm heel strike after rotation of right hand.