• Blue Belt Self Defense Requirements



    1. REAR BEAR HUG, both arms out - Reverse "NIKYO"

    UKE:  Grip own left wrist with right hand around waist and lift Defender from behind.

    DEF: Grip Uke's left wrist from below with left hand (thumb outward), press back of Uke's left hand down toward his elbow with right palm heel to break grip [PICTURE], then rotate hand to left as spin left, and press back of hand toward floor as lean forward toward Uke's centre.

    If Uke's grip is very strong, can press the back of Uke's right hand little finger tip inward against itself and pry upward.


    2. (a)     REAR BEAR HUG, both arms in, EVASION

    UKE: Arms attempt to encircle abdomen with Defender's arms inside hug from behind.

    DEF: As soon as bear hug is attempted, raise both arms straight up overhead (hands together with arms beside face) and drop body to floor, immediately side kick to groin with hands on floor.


    2. (b)     REAR BEAR HUG, both arms in - "USHIRO SOKUMEN NAGE"

    UKE: Arms encircle abdomen with Defender's arms inside grip from behind.

    DEF: Stomp right heel onto right instep, head butt backwards, shrug shoulders forward and push elbows forward as arms extend downward and butt hips backward, sink body as withdraw left foot far behind Uke's right foot, shrug left shoulder upward and then extend left arm up in large left circular motion toward left side of Uke's neck as rotate hips to left to throw.

    Note: If Uke is too large and strong, can reach left hand down as turn hips, strike or grip crotch with left hand, then attempt 'Sokumen Nage' throw.


    1. "BAG OF WATER" Defence to attempted Judo throw.

    UKE: Grip right sleeve with left hand, right side of lapel with right hand, turn left and attempt to throw Defender over right hip (push butt into to lift Def for actual throw).

    DEF: Hang limp as soon as Uke pivots to throw, "flow" entire body down Uke's back like a bag of water.  Can do forearm choke from behind if opportune.

    Note that pressing the back of Uke's head down onto his chest will cause him to pass out very quickly.

    (Alternatively, can also grip Uke's pants with left hand as soon as throw attempt is noticed to prevent being thrown over shoulder)



    UKE:  Grip both wrists from behind and push upwards toward back of neck.

    DEF: Extend right arm as rotate hips clockwise staying close to Uke as pull left hand away with left shoulder, curl right open hand inward and choke Uke's neck with forearm.   If Uke immediately releases left hand can do 'lrimi Nage' throw.


    1. ARM BAR THROW - "SHOMENUCHI   UDE KIME NAGE" UKE:   Right knife hand downward slash as right foot forward.

    DEF: Slip left foot forward to Uke's right side as left arm extension under Uke's right elbow, right swordarm onto Uke's right wrist from above, grip wrist with right hand and torque inward (like "Shiho" grip) as pivot right on both feet, lift Uke's right arm with own left elbow as curl left hand inward toward own head, step left foot forward and pull down on right arm toward own centre and shrug left shoulder forward at last moment to propel Uke forward.

    Note: if strike is very strong and fast, technique can be done with the right swordarm cut down onto Uke's wrist and left swordarm cut upward under Uke's elbows without any grip with a quick right 'tenkai' movement, pivoting right on both feet after the ski inward step with the left foot, using Uke's own momentum to propel him to the floor.