• Blue Belt Step Sparring Requirements


    From Blue Belt on both partners should wear full sparring equipment, including chest protectors, forearm guards, shin guards, and headgear.

    Both partners begin in left sparring stance. Perform as two parts.

    Yellow Techniques are optional. 

    1. Attacker: Right pushing kick to strike near top of chest protector with sole of foot as Defender leans back. (If not wearing chest protectors, do right kick going over and far past Attacker's left shoulder).

    Defender: Step right foot out diagonally right forward 45° to beside Attacker's left side, immediately left instep turning kick to chest (or to head). 

    2. Attacker: Switch feet, immediately left axe kick to head moving forward on right foot.

    (For Part One Defender leans back to allow strike high on chest protector with sole of foot.)

    Defender: Right jump back kick to chest as soon as the switch is completed, before Attacker can execute the axe kick. 

    3. Attacker: Right front kick to belt, in air left jump turning kick to chest.

    Defender: Left foot clockwise turning step 190° (with the left foot crossing the imaginary centreline between the two partners to right sparring stance) as Attacker does front kick, left roundhouse turning kick to chest. 

    4. Attacker: Spin clockwise on left foot as right foot moves around backwards in air and left jump tornado turning kick to chest. 

    Defender: Left switch shift (far out laterally), left reverse axe kick (going over head).  

    5. Attacker: Right middle punch with right walking stance.

    Defender: Move left foot back to right sparring stance with right forearm inward block to Attacker's forearm, spin counter-clockwise on right foot left reverse turning kick to head and without lowering the left foot continue left spin in air with right jump crescent kick inward to head. (Karate 'Butterfly Kick') 

    6. (Defender switches stance);

    Attacker: then right roundhouse turning kick to chest.

    Defender: (From right sparring stance) right jab straight in to chest maintaining left forearm block (elbow down) as slip right foot straight forward, left punch to chest, left axe kick to chest of falling opponent, all in continuous sequence.