• Black Stripe Step Sparring Requirements


    These techniques can be modified slightly to suit the student's individual abilities. Partners must agree on techniques to be performed at the test. They are performed in two parts – Part One to demonstrate how to score the attack, Part Two to demonstrate the appropriate evasive movement and score the counter attack. Full sparring equipment is mandatory.

    1. Attacker: Slip left foot far forward with right middle punch (keep left forearm guarding).

        Defender: Left forearm block as body weight moves backwards away with right switch front kick in air to belt (one movement).           

    2. Attacker: Pivot left turning right side kick to belt, sliding forward on left foot.

        Defender: Withdraw left foot past right foot 190° counter-clockwise to face Attacker with right foot forward, spin left back kick to chest. 

    3. Attacker: Switch stance, then lift left knee forward and inward as spin 360° right jump back kick to chest.

        Defender: Left lateral switch shift 45° back to left, left reverse axe kick (over and past Attacker’s head for practice). 

    4. Attacker: Step right foot forward and continue left 360° reverse turning kick to head (over head for practice).

        Defender: Right lateral shift 45° far back, right roundhouse kick to chest. Time the strike just as Attacker finishes the reverse kick. 

    5. Attacker: Right front kick to belt, without lowering the right foot immediately right slap kick to face as pivot inward on left foot (perform as double kick).

        Defender: Right lateral shift 45° back with left low block as soon as Attacker does front kick, right pitch kick to chest. 

    6. Attacker: Right roundhouse kick to butt, continue in air switch left turning kick inward to belt, using the reaction force of the right kick and rotating hips in air.

        Defender: Slip left foot straight forward with right punch to chest (maintaining left forearm block), right crescent kick inward to head. 

    7. Attacker: Spin clockwise in air left tornado kick to chest.

       Defender: Left switch shift laterally left (45° back) out to right sparring stance, immediately left pitch kick to chest.