• Black-Stripe Self Defense Requirements



    1.  "CLOTHESLINE" - left side IRIMI variation.

    UKE: Left hammer-fist strike to head with left walking stance.

    DEF: Right forward step to diagonal stance with left sword arm circular extension hook to outside of arm and right punch to flank, left reverse sword arm through face as slide right  arm down Uke's back to rotate body backwards as left foot steps through.

    1.   "YOKUMEN-UCHI TENCHI NAGE" (optional 'Clothesline'; to be rehearsed slowly).

    UKE: Right knife hand inward strike as right foot steps forward.

    DEF: Left forward sword arm extension cut through inside of Uke's right elbow, right foot  forward beside Uke's right side with right reverse sword arm strike through head, bring hands together at end with both palms pointing downward toward fallen Uke.

    3.  "SCORPION STRIKE" - IRIMI variation.

    UKE:  Right overhand knife hand strike with right walking stance.

    DEF: Left far forward step to Uke's right side in left walking stance with right sword arm circular block to outside of arm, withdraw right foot backwards clockwise 'tenkan' as grip uniform at right shoulders with right hand to left walking stance behind Uke, grip uniform at left shoulder with left hand and pull Uke's upper body backward as right knee smash to kidney.


    UKE: Right high punch with left walking stance.

    DEF: Forward left walking stance with left knife hand block to inside of elbow and right reverse arc-hand thrust to throat, grab back of head with left hand and pull head down as right knee smash to groin, encircle head from outside and above to grip face at chin with right hand and left hand presses back of head (left hand fingers point right from above and right hand fingers hook bottom of chin) twist head left (counter-clockwise) and pull chin away from body with right hand (remains in front of centre) as right foot comes down backwards in tenkan motion, then step left foot backwards pulling head to take Uke to floor, rotating head left if necessary.


    UKE: Grab closer lapel with right hand.

     DEF: Left foot back as grip back of Uke's right wrist with right hand, twist to right as grip underside of Uke's right forearm with left reverse arc hand to push Uke's forearm upward, directing his elbow through his right ear in a circular motion with the left hand as right foot steps back, continue circular motion to floor as pivot right and left foot steps far forward. Press inside of forearm with left hand through Uke's shoulder into floor in Yonkyo grip, holding back of wrist with right hand.

    SELF DEFENCE TECHNIQUES -  BLACK STRIPES  (for Black Belt Test)                        

    For Black Belt test, students must know all previous self defence techniques, and be prepared to demonstrate at least the following if requested by the examiner.

    1. "SHOMEN-UCHI IKKYO URA"  Uke: Right overhand strike with right walking stance. DEF:   Left foot ski forward, right foot tenkan.


    1. "USHIRO RYOKATA-TORI" Uke: Grip both shoulders from behind.

    DEF:  Right lateral step as raise arms, withdraw left foot, pivot left to Kotegaeshi on Uke's left arm or Nikyo on right arm.

    1. "USHIRO KUBl-SHIMAE SANKYO" Uke: Choke with forearm, hold wrist from behind.

    DEF:  Pivot toward held wrist, curl arm inward, duck backwards out with Sankyo or lkkyo on holding arm; or grip choking wrist and curl inward with reverse Sankyo.

    1. "KUBl-SHIMAE NIKYO" Uke: Choke neck with both hands, right foot forward.

    DEF:   Grip back of right hand from inside (below), pivot right as left arm over in circular rotation, end facing front, left hand grip wrist joint and counter-rotate if grip released.

    1. "RYOTE-TORI SHIHO NAGE" Uke: Grip both wrists held downward.

    DEF:  Left arm extension inward as grip inside of right wrist, left step through, pivot right Tenkan as extend right arm, 'curl' grip as drop body weight to Shiho pin.

    1. "RYOTE-TORI NIKYO" Uke: Grip both wrists held upward.

    DEF:  Elbow over forearm and grip back of hand, press elbow inward as rotate wrist, if Uke releases grip, use Nikyo pin on floor.

    1. "KATATE-TORI KOKYU NAGE" Uke: Right grip left wrist, or right roundhouse punch.

    DEF:  Curl left hand inward, pivot left, extension as left foot steps back left, right knife hand through elbow to throw, ending with one knee to floor.

    1. "YOKOMEN-UCHI GOKYO" Uke: Right to left 45 ° strike with walking stance.

    DEF:  Left extension block to elbow, right grip on inside of right wrist, right foot tenkan as left elbow over forearm, pivot hips right and take down movement like IKKYO.

    1. "TSUKI KOTE-GAESHI"   Uke: Right straight middle punch with right walking stance.

    DEF:  Pivot hips right with left inward block, grip hand as right foot tenkan (assisted with right hand) rotate back of hand around wrist as left foot tenkan, spiral down to pin.

    1. "SHOMEN-UCHI IRIMI NAGE": Uke: Overhand slash with right walking stance. DEF:  Left forward step with right circular extension, right tenkan for 'URA' version.
    1. "SHOMEN-UCHI  UDE KIME-NAGE" Uke: Right overhand strike walking stance.

    DEF:  Left forward step with left extension under elbow, right sword arm extension over wrist, pivot right and shrug shoulder forward (Uke does front roll).

    1. "TSUKI SHIHO-NAGE" Uke: Right straight punch with walking stance.

    DEF:  Left arm under Uke's arm, grip inside of wrist with right hand from above, right foot tenkan as curl grip to floor pin. (Can also do 'Hiji Kime-Nage' lever on right arm).