• 2nd Dan Self Defense Requirements

    KNIFE DEFENCE ("TANTO TORI") -  2nd DAN BLACK BELTS                                               

    These techniques are designed for situations where time permits the use of grappling and pinning techniques, as in the case where there is only one assailant. The objective is to nullify the attack and control the assailant, recognizing that each technique has the potential for inflicting serious damage on the assailant if required by circumstances. Chest protectors are not required as these techniques are designed to control the attack and take the weapon away without injury to the attacker. Uke holds knife in right hand upward or downward according to the requirements of the particular attack, takes fighting stance and yells.  Defender yells when ready to defend.


    UKE: Right overhead downward slash (slightly left to right with weapon held pointing forward) to head with right walking stance.

    DEF: Ski left foot forward with left palm push to elbow as hook right wrist with right hand, right foot tenkan as grip wrist, pivot hips right as attach right wrist to right hip, left forward step slightly toward Uke, right forward step slightly away from Uke, press elbow toward floor with left hand as left knee comes down at armpit, right knee comes down with hand on thigh.

    Can leave Uke's wrist on top of thigh or on top of foot on floor to create leverage powerful enough to break the arm. Take knife way with right hand as left hand presses the pin just above the elbow joint to the floor.


    UKE: Right overhand downward slash (slightly right to left with weapon forward) to side of neck with right walking stance.

    DEF: Ski left foot forward with left sword arm extension block through inside of Uke's forearm, grip inside of Uke's right wrist with right hand, right foot tenkan and 'rotate' left forearm over Uke's forearm, pivot right in circular take down (point hands toward retreating right foot) to arm bar on floor, assisting right hand with left hand extension down Uke's arm (as in lkkyo with right hand grip reversed).

    On floor grip uniform over elbow with left hand and raise Uke's elbow as push right hand inward toward Uke's armpit,  PICTURE OF BENT ELBOW

    press body weight down onto Uke's shoulder with left elbow on back of shoulder blade if there is resistance to raising the elbow.


    UKE:  Straight stab to belly with right walking stance.

    DEF: Left knife hand block inward to forearm above elbow as pivot hips to right to avoid the stab, hook wrist with left hand as right foot tenkan, aiming Uke's hand toward own retreating right foot, grip back of knife held hand from below with right hand and turn over in circular twist as left foot tenkan, aiming hand for retreating left foot, (If Uke's grip is very stiff, aim blade through his face as pivot left or step right foot forward), keep pressure downward on back of hand with left thumb and palm of right hand in descending spiral over Uke's centre, continue to knees down driving shoulder through floor between knees. On floor rotate Uke's hand over from below with right hand to take knife away and end in full control pin.

    1. "TSUKI SHIHO-NAGE"                                                                                                                        

    UKE:  Straight stab to belly with right walking stance.

    DEF: With blocking arm straight down, left inward reverse sword arm to forearm and grip inside of wrist from above with right hand, right foot tenkan, pivot entire body to right as pull arm out of the body and crank hand over keeping hands in front of face as brush own hair with arm, lower body down forward toward floor as cut elbow through Uke's ear and aim hand toward own centre (45° downward toward rear foot). On floor pull Uke's hand toward own centre (as if cutting forehead off) as place left hand inside Uke's elbow to prevent him rolling over under his own arm.


    UKE: Left to right diagonal downward stab (weapon held downward) as right foot steps forward to right sparring stance.

    DEF: Right knife hand block to outside of arm as left foot ski forward to behind Uke, encircle throat with left arm as right foot tenkan, pin right arm to chest at wrist with right arm as left forearm choke. Can grip Uke's collar (or own uniform at shoulder) with left hand to close the choke. (Uke's chin can be turned left or right with left forearm and pressed backward to create extremely strong and dangerous pin).


    UKE:  Hold left shoulder with left hand and knife to back from behind.

    DEF: Pivot right as step right foot back slightly (stay close) and strike Uke's elbow arm with straight down right arm, continue spin as left foot steps around (staying close) grip right hand with left hand, right foot large tenkan to take down as in No. 3 above.



    UKE:  Hold left shoulder with left hand and knife to back from behind.

    DEF: Raise left shoulder up and raise left elbow as pivot left and step left foot slightly back (stay close), step right foot around as drive back of left upper arm down onto Uke's left arm, can then do IRIMI NAGE (grip side back of neck with right hand, left foot tenkan, pivot right and step through to throw) or KUBI SHIMI defence with right forearm encircle chin from behind to pull Uke backwards.


    UKE:  Right forearm choke across throat with knife and grip left wrist from behind.

    DEF: Face left hand (chin down) slightly as grip right hand firmly from below with right hand, try to lift left arm upward, when Uke resists the lift pull left arm down sharply and push right hand inward into Uke, withdraw left foot far back as grip Uke's left wrist from below with left hand, push right hand forward as lift left arm crossing elbows to throw in breakfall (release to allow roll if Uke cannot take the breakfall).

    1. "TSUKI HIJI SHIMAE" (Optional)

    UKE: Straight stab to throat with right walking stance.

    DEF: Ski left foot forward with left sword arm block to inside of elbow, right hand grip inside of wrist, right foot tenkan as encircle arm with left elbow, pulling Uke's arm as far out as possible with right hand, grip back of hand with right hand and lift arm upward as press left elbow onto Uke's upper arm inward toward own body, withdraw left foot if Uke resists the leverage, and drive arm straight through shoulder to floor. (Can do NIKYO finish by rotating right hand onto the back of wrist).