• Our Adult Martial Arts classes combine fitness for health and wellness... self-defense for safety and peace of mind... and ancient wisdom for a happy, stress-free life.

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  • Our Kids Martial Arts provides your child the gift of confidence, leadership, respect, focus & discipline with our Kids Martial Arts classes. All the while teaching them the important skill of self-defense.

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  • Our training philosophy is unique among Martial Arts Self Defence systems. The training is individualized and measured, focusing on providing all students, children, teens, adults or seniors with all the tools they will require to make this a fun and rewarding experience in becoming a true Martial Artist. 

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  • Call now: 519-476-8881, 255 Vancouver St, London, ON

    • Martial Arts Self Defense : A Way To A Better You with Ryoku Seikido

      Martial Arts Self Defense classes in London Ontario founded from Taekwondo and Aikido.


      Ryoku Seikido is part of the World Seikido Organization and with the support of our affiliation with Forest City Taekwondo Not-for-Profit, we are able to offer Martial Arts Training for $25.00 per month. Please see our Membership page for more details.

      For the past 17 years the Ryoku family of students have been practicing the art of Seikido which is at its foundation a Mixed Martial Art.

      Seikido is a relatively new martial art based on Aikido and Tae Kwon Do, both of which are founded in older martial arts, including Japanese Shotokan Karate and Jujitsu. It is the blending of the most modern and scientifically correct techniques derived from Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and other arts that makes Seikido unique.

      Over the years Grand Master Zeke Petkovic of World Seikido built upon these foundation arts, and developed techniques unique to Seikido. These include throwing and pinning techniques to neutralize high kicks, and striking techniques to disable grappling attacks.

      In addition to sparring practice utilizing Boxing and Kickboxing principals, releases from holds, and throws and pins are essential aspects of Seikido self-defence training. With your training you will receive the benefit of a whole body workout at your own speed along with learning Martial Arts and Self Defense.

      No matter your age, Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors all have benefited from our training which includes increased strength, cardiovascular workout, coupled with increased flexibility and overall wellness. All done at your own pace so you can reach your own individual goals!

      Master Wilkins along with Master Kristen Duever, Sensei's Neal Ruseff, Darryl Van Soest, Werner Duever & Mr Nick Robbins-Wall and all the other dedicated helpers bring with them over 60 years of combined Martial Arts experience as well as a deep commitment to the East London Community.

      Along with Master Wilkins' wife Lori, our dedicated Assistant Instructors, our numerous parent volunteers, we look forward to being able to continue to serve the residents of East London and its surrounding communities.

      Students at Ryoku are much more than just Martial Arts practitioners. They are family!

      As you look around our site feel free to contact us if you have any questions or better yet drop by for a free class or two to see what you think.


      Master Dave Wilkins

    • Upcoming events



      First Class for the Fall Session 2022

      Welcome back to training! We are located at St Pius X Catholic Elementary School located on 255 Vancouver St.

      Our first class will be on Tuesday Sept 13th. We are starting back with new class schedules based on age groups. Ages 6-8 are from 6-7pm, Ages 9-12 are from 7-8pm and ages 13 + are now from 8-9pm.

      We are also starting a dedicated Escrima and Bow class which is open to the public ages 12+ from 7:30pm - 8:30pm on Monday nights.

      We look forward to seeing all our students and hopefully some new ones as well.....

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